22 May, 2007

(One of) DKO's picks

Since DKO has shown an interest in C.P. West as a possible pick, I thought I would provide a photo showing more of his cutitude. He looks very sweet - and potentially quite swift, also!

21 May, 2007

Belmont Stakes

Congratulations, Rags to Riches! First filly to win the Belmont in a century!

The Belmont Stakes will be held Saturday, June 9. Coverage will be on ABC, live, 5-7pm Eastern Time (but what does that mean for us? I *think* 1-3pm, but I'm never sure about this). No final word yet, of course, on the field. It will include some subset of the Derby and Preakness contenders, plus perhaps some additional horsies. I'll keep my eyes open for a final listing so that we can review any new entries before the race.

Preakness Stakes

(Update: Congratulations, Curlin! Winner of the Preakness stakes, in a time that ties the official record for the race. Also, congratulations to Street Sense, who ran a brave race and never gave up!)

Some subset of the horses who ran in the Kentucky Derby also ran in the Preakness. I'm not going to tell you which, however. This is because that would give you a clue as to the Derby winner (the winner of course ran in the Preakness, but not everyone else did). Also, I can't link you to each of these horsie's full page in the official Preakness site, because it has a banner header now telling who won. So, I'll try to give the relevant info here, and link you to a picture rather than an informative page.

In addition to that subset, here are the horsies who ran in the Preakness but NOT the Derby:

  • Post Position 1: Mint Slewlep; odds = 30-1; Jockey = Allan Garcia; Trainer = W.R. Bailes; Outstanding characteristic = Best Name to Have Run in the Derby, Too Bad He Didn't. Also, Grandson of Seattle Slew, The Only Undefeated Triple Crown Winner In History.

  • Post Position 2: Xchanger; odds = 15-1; Jockey = Ramon Dominguez; Trainer = Mark Shuman; Outstanding characteristic = Very Pretty Grey Horsie With Lovely Lighter Grey Tail, Has Northern Dancer, Mr. Prospector and Spectacular Bid As Grandpas or Great Grandpas.

  • Post Position 5: King of the Roxy; odds = 12-1; Jockey = Garrett Gomez; Trainer = Todd Pletcher; Outstanding characteristic = Grandson of Bold Forbes. Say His Owners, "He stands 16 hands 1 inch, has a ton of scope, correct front limbs and a hip wide enough to act as your picnic table for the Fourth of July."

  • Post Position 6: Flying First Class; odds = 20-1; Jockey = Mark Guidry; Trainer = D. Wayne Lukas; Outstanding characteristic = Very Pretty Bay Horsie Who Likes to Run Real Fast The Whole Race No Matter What His Jockey Says (note: the Preakness is the shortest of the Triple Crown races). He's Related to Secretariat and Nasrullah, If Distantly.

  • Post Position 9: C.P. West; odds = 20-1; Jockey = Edgar Prado; Trainer = Nick Zito; Outstanding characteristic = Grandson of Dynaformer, Who Was Barbaro's Pappa, Ridden by Barbaro's Jockey.

Kentucky Derby 2007 - The contenders

(UPDATE: Now that we've seen all the races, I can reveal the winner of the Kentucky Derby. Congratulations, Street Sense!)

This year's kentucky derby had a field of 20 adorable horsies. Each horse's name is linked to his little web page in the official Kentucky Derby site where there is lots of info about him (this year they were all colts), including photos. But beware! If you navigate off of the linked pages, you may accidentally learn too much about the outcome of the race!