24 April, 2007

Barbaro, Rest In Peace

I haven't posted for a while, but today I got my first ever comment on a post - (thanks, Yo) - and it was about Barbaro, and how dangerous horse racing is. It's not long until this year's Kentucky Derby, and I wonder how many of us are dreading it a little bit. I've read a bit about the new track surface that's being developed - I hope it's safer, but Yo's right that it'll never be completely safe. Horsie legs are just fragile, and they're also completely obligatory for horse survival.

I know I'll have Barbaro (and Ruffian, and the others) in my thoughts this Spring, and all the ones that follow it. I hope all of this year's Triple Crown (and Breeder's Cup, and all the other races) contenders run safely.

He was such a beautiful boy! But nobody should think that we loved him more than any of the other amazing equine atheletes we see each Spring.